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There is a critical need for First Responders to have reliable emergency communications during life threatening events or natural disasters.  Today, many Public Safety Networks do not provide adequate coverage within multi-floor buildings.

Understanding the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) & International Fire Code (IFC) building codes can be overwhelming. Jurisdictions across the US have different fires codes and ordinances.

Municipalities often withhold Certificates of Occupancy until you can prove that your building meets the code requirements for First Responder radio coverage.   

ABIS Solutions will guide you through the entire process to ensure that your building is safe and in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws. 

In-Building Public Safety Network Solutions

Testing & Inspections - Verify Public Safety Network Coverage

RF Design & Engineering - Critical for Optimal Performance

Installation & Commissioning - Done Right - Guaranteed!

Maintenance & Monitoring - Proactive Monitoring, 100% Up-Time

Advisory Services - Challenging Space to Navigate - We'll do it for you!

Advisory Services - Identify & Evaluate Revenue Opportunities

Did you know that many State and Local Governments require building owners to verify their Public Safety Network coverage prior to obtaining or maintaining an occupancy permit? 

Public Safety Network Testing MUST Satisfy All Requirements

Every Public Safety Communication System must meet a minimum set of requirements.  These requirements vary based on local jurisdiction.  Listed below are some general requirements commonly adopted across the U.S.


  • Minimum Signal Strength: According to the NFPA and IFC, minimum signal strength of -95 dBm is required to satisfy coverage.

  • Equipment Enclosures: The NFPA and IFC specify that all equipment  supporting the public safety network must be housed in NEMA-4 compliant enclosures.

  • Backup Power Solution:  Equipment that supports the public safety network must be able to function for 24 hours without the primary commercial power source.

  • Antenna isolation: The NFPA dictates that antenna isolation must be 15 dB higher or between donor and coverage antennas.

  • Fire Ratings: Cables connecting public safety network equipment must meet a two-hour fire rating.  This also applies to the room that the equipment is housed in.

  • System Frequencies: The NFPA requires that if a radio enhancement system is necessary the system must be capable of supporting all relevant frequencies as provided by the local authority having jurisdiction.

  • System Components:  Signal boosters including BDAs, shall have FCC type acceptance and must be operated in accordance with commission rules.

  • System Monitoring:  An automatic-monitoring system is required to report antenna malfunctions, public safety network equipment failure, power loss and battery failure or low charge.





ABIS Solutions performs a comprehensive benchmark test to verify current Public Safety signal strength and network coverage.


Using our proprietary ProSys 360 software tool, we streamline the entire process of conducting RF Grid Testing, Coverage Grid Reporting, Building Survey Data Collection and report generation, saving you time and money.  

  • Public Safety Coverage Report Details

  • Building Survey Report and Analysis

Our goal is to provide accurate data to verify public safety bands coverage inside buildings for safety of all first responders from the Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Technicians.


In order to improve wireless communications inside buildings, we aim to assist property owners with accurate RF Grid Testing and Compliance Reports to ensure that their buildings are in compliance, and their occupants / visitors are protected.


For information and to request our Public Safety Wireless Network Coverage Testing Service, complete the form below. 

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